Defend the Amazon Reef

The incredible reef at the mouth of the Amazon River is already threatened by oil exploration. Total and BP want to drill for oil nearby, putting this unique habitat -- home to dolphins, giant otters and manatees -- at risk

Take action to protect the Amazon Reef!

Tell Total and BP to cancel their plans to drill at the mouth of the Amazon River

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Defend the Amazon Reef

The Greenpeace ship Esperanza is embarking on an expedition to document this incredible reef. The crew and marine life experts will travel to the depths of the Atlantic ocean to explore the reef up close from small submarines.

The Amazon Reef – a natural treasure

The Amazon reef system is made up of corals, sponges and calcareous algae. Nothing like this reef has ever been seen in marine ecology before. Scientists consider it a completely new marine biome.

A surprise in an unlikely region

The Amazon Reef extends for 9,500 km2  off the northern coast of Brazil, near where the Amazon River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The proximity to the river makes the water murky and muddy, which would ordinarily make the presence of this kind of ecosystem unlikely. But the Amazon Reef is thriving there, one reason why it is so unique!

Corporate Greed vs. Nature

Two companies -- Total and BP -- want to hunt for oil close to the Amazon Reef. They are waiting on authorization from the Brazilian government, which could happen anytime this year. The mouth of the Amazon is home to species that are already at risk of disappearing forever, such as the manatee and the giant otter. An oil spill could threaten the reef and the amazing wildlife in the region.

The time is now

We don't have much time to defend the Amazon Reef! People around the world must come together now to fight back against oil exploration near the Amazon Reef and the mouth of the Amazon River. Demand that Total and BP give up on this absurd plan.

Sign the petition and share it with your friends. The more people who stand up for the Amazon Reef, the better chance we have to defend this incredible place.