Tell Total and BP to cancel their plans to drill at the mouth of the Amazon River

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Save the Amazon Reef

The Amazon Reef is running out of time. International oil companies, Total and BP, are planning to drill in the region. French company Total will be the first to drill. People around the world must stand up to save the Amazon Reef.

Join us and sign the petition to prevent Total from endangering the Amazon Reef.

The threat of an oil spill

Oil drilling puts this region at risk of oil spills and leaks, which could cause irreparable damage to this unique biome.

The mouth of the Amazon basin is home to amazing biodiversity including manatees, dolphins and river otters. More than 80 quilombola communities also depend on this ecosystem for their livelihood.

Cabo Orange National Park, located in the far north of the state of Amapá, is home to the largest continuous mangrove ecosystem in the world. No technology exists that could effectively clean up an oil spill in mangroves.

Exploring a treasure of nature

The Amazon Reef extends over 9500 km² off the northern coast of Brazil. Where the Amazon River pours into the ocean, the surrounding waters are cloudy and muddy – an extremely unlikely environment for a reef ecosystem to exist.

In early 2017, Greenpeace captured the very first underwater images of the Amazon Reef and scientists were able to observe the reef’s biodiversity of species up close. But so much remains to be discovered: so far, only 5% of the reef has been explored.

Your voice is essential

Act now before it's too late. We must stop Total's risky oil drilling that could threaten the Amazon Reef with a devastating oil spill.

Total cares about its reputation and is trying to come across as a “green” company. If thousands of people from around the world shine a spotlight on Total’s threat to the Amazon Reef, we can create a tide of public pressure and scrutiny that will make the company think twice about risking its reputation on a risky drilling project.

Sign and share the petition. The more people who defend the Amazon Reef, the better chance we have of protecting the Amazon reef.